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The Aurora( Aurora )

Bigger Than Us

As a child I watched the waves across the ocean
And I thought about how great his love must be
If he could make the water reach forever
I wondered could there be a place for me

How it feels to love
What it is to live
The more I see the more I just believe


When the world doesn't have what you want
Just a touch of his hand is enough
You can believe there's a reason for love
'Cause God is so much bigger than us
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Sometimes he calls our name with just a whisper
Sometimes he wraps his arms around our heart
Sometimes we need to know that he still loves us
No matter what we've done or where we are

How it feels to love
What it is to live
Just knowing we don't have to reach to far

And when we lose the strength to carry on
You make us feel so alive again

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