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Demi Lovato( Demetria Devonne Lovato )

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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.Heart Attack (White Sea Remix)

2.Everything Youre Not

3.Back Around

4.Made in the USA

5.Without the Love

6.Neon Lights

7.Two Pieces


9.In Case

10.Really Don't Care

11.Fire Starter

12.Something That We're Not

13.Never Been Hurt

14.Shouldn't Come Back



17.You're My Only Shorty

18.Fix A Heart




22.Who's That Boy

23.All Night Long


25.Hold Up


27.Give Your Heart A Break

28.In Real Life

29.My Love Is Like A Star

30.For The Love Of A Daughter*

31.For The Love Of A Daughter

32.Shut Up And Love Me

33.Behind Enemy Lines

34.Lo Que Soy

35.Me, Myself & Time

36.Make A Wave

37.One & The Same

38.Moves Me

39.Next To Me

40.Wonderful Christmas Time

41.This Is Me [Acoustic Full Version]

42.Send It On



45.Make A Wave [with Joe Jonas]

46.Can't Back Down

47.Me, Myself And Time

48.Wouldn't Change A Thing [feat. Joe Jonas]

49.Work Of Art

50.I Wouldn't Change A Thing

51.On The Line

52.Come Down With Love

53.Skyscraper (Wizz Dumb Remix)

54.Confident - Live from Spotify NYC / 2015

55.Confident - Live from Spotify NYC

56.That's How You Know - Original Version

57.Let It Go - From 'Frozen'/Original Soundtrack Version

58.I Will Survive


60.Confident (The Alias Remix)

61.Kill Em With Kindness

62.Take Me To Church

63.Cool for the Summer (Todd Terry Remix)

64.Cool for the Summer - Cahill Remix

65.Neon Lights (Country Club Martini Crew remix)

66.Besame Mucho

67.Nightingale (Live At Honda Center/Anaheim CA/2014)

68.Let It Go - Single Version

69.Give Me Love (Live at the Capital FM Studios in London, UK / May 30, 2014)

70.Neon Lights (Live At Honda Center/Anaheim CA/2014)

71.Really Don't Care (Live At Honda Center/Anaheim CA/2014)

72.Nightingale - Live From Honda Center/AnaheimCA/2014

73.Really Don't Care - Live From Honda Center/AnaheimCA/2014

74.Gift of a Friend (From 'Tinker Bell')

75.The Gift of a Friend

76.Heart by Heart


78.Yes I Am

79.Skyscraper - Wizz Dumb Remix

80.Let It Go (Demi Lovato version)

81.The Gift of a Friend (From 'Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure')

82.What to Do

83.Heart Attack (Manhattan Clique Dub Remix)

84.Neon Lights (Live From Honda Center/AnaheimCA/2014)

85.Remember December (Sharp Boys club mix)

86.La La Land (Wideboys radio mix)

87.Demi In London

88.Let It Go (From Disney's Frozen)

89.Let It Go (from 'Frozen')

90.Really Don't Care (RD Version)

91.That's How You Know (From 'Enchanted')

92.Cool for the Summer - VARA Remix

93.Cool for the Summer - Dave Audé Remix


95.Really Don't Care (Cole Plante Remix)

96.So Far So Great (From 'Sonny with a Chance')

97.Here We Go Again (Sunset In Ibiza Remix)

98.Me, Myself and Time (From 'Sonny With a Chance')

99.Skyscraper (Instrumental)